Welcome to our website for German Shepherd lovers.

My name is Jan Minnema, along with my strong support Trijn and our daughters Kim and Ilona, we run the kennel "von Bisschofsheim" with great enthusiasm and fun.

My kennel name is derived from the street where I lived -on the water- on the Bisschopsrak in Leeuwarden.
As long as I can remember I am in love with the breed, the German Shepherd, especially the honesty, the strong character and beauty of the shepherd in particular.

The first club match I attended was in 1983 in Utrecht.
In 1985 I joined as member in the V.D.H. and S.V.

You can safely say that it became an out of hand hobby when I started with "Granny von Altkircherwald" and "Laika of Nieuwlandshof"
as the matriarch of my kennel. Many passed in review.

Still I see it as a major challenge to breed (varietal) a beauty of an animal what character, strength and beauty excels.

Also thanks to many friends in the sport, or co-owners, I can maintain this hobby and we practice our weekly cynology on the kringgroep, the "Walden" in Bergum, in our beautiful Friesland, where I give the ringtraining with happiness for several years now and since 2013 also commissioner kynolgie am.

In particular, I want to thank our webmaster, Jantina Kooistra alias Kojan, for enabling our beautiful site!

I invite you to tour the site and wish you much fun to watch and read!